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Educational Event Registration

Our purpose is to provide education on using laboratory testing in Naturopathic practice.

Laboratory testing can contribute greatly to patient care by providing information on the patient’s concerns.  We would like to support our community by providing information on the nature of the tests we offer through RMA and LifeLabs. 


Upcoming Events:










04/12/2018   12:00pm EST       Gut Health: An Introduction to Gut-Well­™ & the Role of RMA FST™   AquaTerra       Register
04/12/2018   6:30pm EST       How to Get Your Gut-Well   ALT Hotel Toronto Airport       Register
04/13/2018   12:00pm EST       How to Get Your Gut-Well   Stone House Restaurant       Register
04/17/2018   11:00am PST       PULS: Improve Patient Care and Predict Risk of Acute Coronary Disease   Online       Register
05/17/2018   5:45pm PST        Gastrointestinal Health and Its Relationship to Heart Health   Hotel Eldorado       Register