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Five Tips for Stress Free Mornings

Getting back into routine can be challenging after the lazy days of summer, but by taking steps to make your mornings easy you can be back at it in no time. Here are five tips to help you simplify and de-stress your mornings.

Keep it simple. Having too many tasks to complete in the morning creates stress and chaos. By prepping the night before, you can eliminate the last minute details that get in the way of productivity.

Wake up earlier. If you wake up just 10 minutes earlier, you remove the stress of scrambling to get showered, dressed, fed, and out the door.

Try This: Place the alarm across the room. If you are someone who hits the snooze button repeatedly until you really, truly have to get your butt out of bed, then placing your alarm on the opposite side of the room will help you to break this habit.

Everything has its place. Having a designated space for all your belongings will make the task of pre-packing much easier and help ensure you don’t forget important items that will later put a damper on your day.

Try This: You may also want to create a reminder list that is posted on or beside the door as a last minute check that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Create a morning routine chart. If you have little ones you need to get ready in the morning, a routine can help keep them organized and give them the independence to get ready on their own. Routine charts are a fun visual way you can help remind and motivate your little ones as they are still learning their morning routine.

Don’t skip breakfast. A 2012 study found that people who ate breakfast reported feeling 89% less anxious in challenging situations later that day, and were able to deal with dilemmas 7% faster than on days they skipped their morning meal.