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Tips for Selecting a High Quality Supplement

Research the brand

Reputable brands will provide information on quality and source of ingredients as well as manufacturing processes and standards. They will often also have independent laboratory analysis as an extra quality measure. Search for a brand that is sold by the manufacturer as this is a sign of a company that stands behind its product.

Read labels carefully

The label of a product will tell you what nutrient forms are included. For some nutrients, there’s no special form to look for. For others however, it is a different story. The label will also have the ingredients list. Look for supplements with whole food ingredients that are additive-free.

Always look for an expiration date

While some nutrients, such as calcium and other minerals, maintain their potency for several years, others like vitamins B and C have a significantly shorter shelf life.

Understand the Units

 Many different units such as milligram (mg), microgram (abbreviated mcg or μg) and international units (IU) can be found on multivitamin labels. These units show the quantity of a vitamin or mineral contained in that particular supplement. Consult with your healthcare professional to determine how many units of any given vitamin or mineral you need in a day and if supplementation is the best method for you to obtain the nutrients you need.

Here are a few examples supplement companies in Canada that comply with these tips:

Designs for Health

Ortho Molecular Products