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Rocky Mountain Analytical – your trusted partner in care. Your focus is on providing patients the best possible care and we’re here to help. To complement our comprehensive menu of tests, we provide resources to registered healthcare professionals to support your testing needs.


Available 24/7, this client portal is where you access test results, order supplies, download important documents, view past webinars, and receive Rocky Mountain Analytical notifications.
Clinical Support

Clinical Support

To assist in interpreting test results, we have a clinical support team on staff. Book phone consultations to review results and have your clinical questions answered, or contact our Customer Service representatives through phone or email.


We offer newsletters, webinars and live regional events exclusively for healthcare providers. To keep up to date on the latest innovations, best practices, upcoming events, and promotions, please join our mailing list.

How to order a test?

Ordering tests with Rocky Mountain Analytical has never been easier!
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Order test kits

Review our tests and order the test kits that best fit your patients’ needs.
Order test kits
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Complete requisition

Each test kit comes with test requisition form that includes a symptom checklist. This form must be completed before returning the test sample to the lab.

Collect a sample and send for testing

Depending on the test, samples can be collected in your office, at a community lab, or the patient collects a sample at home. Then simply send for testing!
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Access results

With access 24/7, simply login to drOPsite® to view your patient’s results. Results are available for most tests within 7-10 days of samples reaching the lab.

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