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Educational Tools and Marketing Materials

Interested in learning more about a particular test? Looking for informational material about a test for your patients? Login to drOPsite® to view webinars, download clinical information, or order printed marketing materials like tear pads and brochures.

How to order a test?

Ordering tests with Rocky Mountain Analytical has never been easier!
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Order test kits

Review our tests and order the test kits that best fit your patients’ needs.
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Complete requisition

Each test kit comes with test requisition form that includes a symptom checklist. This form must be completed before returning the test sample to the lab.

Collect a sample and send for testing

Depending on the test, samples can be collected in your office, at a community lab, or the patient collects a sample at home. Then simply send for testing!
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Access results

With access 24/7, simply login to drOPsite® to view your patient’s results. Results are available for most tests within 7-10 days of samples reaching the lab.

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